Lifelong Learning Gallery

Event: SEF’s Light Up the Night 2017
Sold Out 225 Attendees
Goal: Provide an interactive gallery for event attendees in support of SEF’s mission for lifelong learning.
Solution: Hinged wooden frames were attached to 8-foot long wooden gallery walls. Each frame had a b&w portrait with a linen finish, mounted on foam core and fixed to the frame. When the top frame was lifted using the knob, the guest could read the educational “bio”. Members of the gallery were all local and displayed in age order from newborn to 102.
My role: ideation to execution; I contracted the builder for the frames, all photography for portraits, managed content and design for bios, assembly and installation of gallery, including lighting.


ExtraOARdinary Auction

Event: SEF’s Light Up the Night 2018
Sold Out, 270 Attendees
Goal: Provide unique visual content for event attendees that showcased original artwork on a medium that is representative of the seaside community.
Solution: A range of artists with ties to the Scituate community were invited to participate by creating an original piece of artwork using a wooden oar. The oars were on display at the Scituate Town Library prior to the event with a “buy it now” option. Unsold oars were available for silent auction at the event.
My role: ideation to execution; I developed the concept and timeline, helped source artists, photographed individual oars, built web pages for the auction, established cadence and scheduled social posting prior to event, established check out procedure for buyers, assisted with installation at event.



1636 Minutes of Giving

Event: Giving Tuesday, 2018
Goal: A social media campaign for SEF to raise funds and build awareness leading up to Giving Tuesday.
Solution: The planning team combined history (1636 was the year Scituate was founded) and alumni stories with an incentive for custom SEF apparel. A clear goal of 100 donations was presented across social platforms. We culminated the campaign at our local brewery where former teacher, Fred Freitas, spoke to attendees in one of Scituate’s original schoolhouses.
My role: I was involved in planning the social media cadence for content posting, and website pages. I was responsible for the concept and design of the donor grid and its poster manifestation showing the campaign goal where donors at the event could place a sticker on a square when they contributed showing progress. Team surpassed internal revenue goal by 20%.

1636 logo by Sarah Smith Design


Event: Seaside Stories, Fall 2019 | Sold out, 650+ attendees
Goal: A fundraising event to bring the community together using the new Scituate Center for Performing Arts in an effort to showcase a wide range of talent and emotion.
Solution: Pair local celebrities with “ordinary” residents who bravely took the stage to share their story following three workshops that enabled them to hone their story for the event. Use short video clips to engage with potential ticket buyers leading up to the event. Provide scripted language to performers who could expand our reach to ticket buyers.
My role: I was responsible for all marketing collateral, including web pages, program design, event signage, social media graphics and content, performer workshop photography, lighting gobos and graphics for video teasers.
Logo by Kerin Sweeney.