Spring, 2018: “Spreadsheets are no longer the answer for tracking donations.” -SEF Board Member

Can we afford another solution?
What happens when leadership changes?
How will we learn a new system?
Will our donors notice a difference?
What other systems will change?
When is the right time to make a change?
What are the risks of changing our system?

The futuristic part of me knew that the success of SEF for many years to come would be based on having excellent data that could be accessed by leadership regardless of changes to the Board. The data would also need to be kept accurate so it could be used for creating marketing segments that would drive content strategy.

The thoughtful part of me worked with the Board to research and investigate our options before deciding on a CRM platform that would provide a solution. We spent weeks comparing platforms, watching demos, evaluating our needs, and inquiring with other non-profits. At our annual meeting, we presented the chosen solution and received 100% buy-in to include the software as part of our budget.

The tenacious part of me spent weeks cleaning and organizing data so the implementation of the new CRM system would be seamless. After the upload, I worked with a specialist on how to use the data and navigate the new system. I called tech support nearly every day with a new set of questions so I was prepared to train my team on how to use the system effectively. The team and I realized the impact of this change when we ran our very first drip marketing campaign based on the excellent data we had in our database. As a result of this strategy we saw a 20% increase in our open-rate.